We love to be part of the Sneinton community and actively encourage local residents and groups to participate in events and activities here.

The Hub Cafe, Street Level and the WEA are just three of the initiatives that people are currently enjoying.


The community centre offers a safe and friendly environment for family based activities.

The ‘Sneinton Play Centre’ has been established for many years and is welcoming to parents with their younger children.

Activity clubs are run after school and during the holiday periods.


Sport is an important part of Sneinton community life and our Hermitage Centre can offer space for a wide range of activities.

In addition to general health and fitness classes there are currently martial arts groups based here including Karate and Aikedo clubs.


Take a look at our calendar of events to see the range of activities here at the centre. We also share events lists of other organisations in the Sneinton area.


Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre is a large building with several rooms available to hire at reasonable rates.

Rooms can be booked for a one-off event such as a birthday party or for more regular events such as weekly training programs.


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Volunteer Opportunities


If you would like to volunteer at the Hermitage, please contact the centre on:
Tel:0115 959 8933

Noor Lunch

The kitchen is a busy place on Wednesday lunchtimes. Join us to sample cuisine from around the world.